WorkSafe system utilises
expertise of
Real -Time Location Systems

The WorkSafe system utilises our expertise of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) to monitor employees’ movements around the workplace. Using this data, we are able to accurately record breaches in Social Distancing guidelines, as well as provide analytics such as where, when and who was involved in the breach. When a team member has been diagnosed with COVID-19, WorkSafe can rapidly identify the other team members they may have been in close contact with during a specific time window.

The system has components which include:

  • Very small tags (fobs) worn by personnel
  • Antennas on site to track movement of the tags 
  • Network infrastructure to relay the recorded information
  • A web interface through which the user interacts with the system. Through this interface customers view all the data and can onboard new team members

The innovative and unique aspects of WorkSafe are:

  • WorkSafe has the best positional accuracy of all the systems available, with a figure of within 20cm WorkSafe provides analytics to the workplace operator, whereas some systems only provide feedback to individuals via an audible tone or vibrate function
  • Work Safe can identify where a breach occurred, whereas some systems only record the people involved. This can help to identify choke points and congregation points, which need to be managed including shift and cleaning patterns adapted.
  • Work Safe can adapt and add new Social Distancing rules to people or areas. For example, in an outdoor smoking area the breach distance can be reduced to 1 m.  As well as increased to 3m etc.
  • Work Safe can take into account preventative measures such as plastic screening and wearing of masks as Bluetooth still operates through, glass, plastic screening, plasterboard and perspex. This reduces the number of false alerts and breaches