Based in London, WorkSafe was born from EMSOL who are experts in ingesting and processing high volume streams of location data for improved worksite health. WorkSafe was developed by building on this expertise and in response to the need for a business track and trace system to monitor social distancing and enable instant infection control measures. WorkSafe’s mission is to keep business working safely through the pandemic.


When the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to ramp up, we were able to leverage our expertise to the urgent task of securing worksites so that UK business could continue working safely. After interviewing 10 organisations about their challenges and how we might be able to help, it was clear there was a need for a solution that could accurately evidence social distancing breaches or evidence adherence to distancing guidelines and also identify in real-time team members who might have been infected for instantly actionable infection control.

Freddie Talberg, CEO and Founder said: “As we gear up for a second wave of COVID-19, businesses are under a huge amount of pressure to keep operating while also keeping their workforce safe.   Now is the time for businesses to begin preparing themselves to ensure they can keep operating as normal and keep their staff safe and in work. 


“WorkSafe is the workplace equivalent of track and trace and it enables employers to keep operating as normal and keep the lights on in Britain.  This system is designed to take some of the pressure off construction, manufacturing and processing industries and make it easier to keep their workforce safe, operational and productive.”



Tom Fiddian, Innovation Lead at Innovate UK said:  “As a second wave of COVID-19 develops, Innovate UK is committed to supporting business-led innovation in response to the global disruption.

“WorkSafe is a product that will help British business avoid widespread infection in high density work spaces, keeping those businesses open and organisations functioning as normal.  The benefits of this tool for industries like construction or manufacturing are considerable.”


Iain Casagrande, Director, Structure Tone International said: “Structure Tone is committed to site safety and we understand that we will be living with COVID-19 for the foreseeable future, so we need to deliver a COVID-safe work site for our operatives and we need to keep our sites operating for our clients.


“Our trial with WorkSafe gave us the visibility and control we would need to ensure a COVID-Safe worksite by delivering evidence and insights to help us avoid infections spreading and trace the infections to specific operatives if needed. 

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When, while the lovely valley teem with vapour around me, and the meridian.