WorkSAFE Benefits

Key Benefits of WorkSafe

Key benefits of our WorkSafe system and its capabilities:

Increased workplace safety amidst COVID-19 and beyond.

Our actionable data is presented in real time, providing contact tracing, social distancing breach notification and instantly actionable infection control. If a worker tests positive for the virus, management are presented with a list of everyone who could be at risk, enabling them to take appropriate action and protect their workforce. This makes WorkSafe a powerful workplace solution during the current pandemic. Significantly, it also provides insight into where opportunities for enhanced workplace safety exist, making it an effective management tool beyond COVID-19. The WorkSafe user tags are discrete, smart and can be worn on lanyards, on a belt clip or in a pocket. It automatically detects unsafe work positioning and provides users with real-time alerts to reduce risk whilst also creating better work habits.

Most accurate workplace contact tracing solution on the market.  

WorkSafe is accurate to within 20cm and as experts in mass data handling, our data-driven contact tracing app provides an intuitive dashboard to identify and report on all interactions between issued tags or employees. The high performance of our WorkSafe system reduces managerial and human resource time significantly.  The accuracy of our system ensures our partners can be confident in their contact tracing solution, avoiding the use of unnecessarily restrictive measures.

Actionable insights into workplace management. 

The data we receive from connected devices provides valuable insights into concerns such as bottlenecks or choke points within the workplace. This means that safety efforts can be focussed where they are really necessary and you can adapt measures to suit the risk level presented, such as deep cleans and the introduction of one way systems.  These insights will help you to significantly reduce social distancing breaches, even those set under close working conditions.

Foster a social responsibility within your workplace.

WorkSafe allows the user to set zones of interest. In doing so, you can monitor social distancing breaches within perceived high risk areas such as cafeterias, corridors, tea rooms, smoking areas or meetings rooms. By issuing tags to employees or contractors you are raising awareness of your commitment to contact tracing and entrusting them with the tool to realise it, fostering an environment of social responsibility. Trials have shown issuing wearable contact tracing tags reduces social distancing breaches during peak contact times such as lunchtime and rest periods. It has been reported that by using wearable contact tracing tags, one company reduced their lunchtime contacts by 70%.

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