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Anti-Covid Digital Technology.
Keeping your business working during the pandemic

- Protects your workplace
- Ensures regulation compliance
- Reduces financial risk
- Keeps your organisation working




WorkSafe is a Covid-19 tag and track system for business.
WorkSafe enables you to:

- Trace movements in your workplace to within 20cm
- Minimise worker congregation at bottlenecks
- Enforce social distancing regulations
- Action infection control instantly
- Ensure contractor compliance
- Keep team members at work safely.




WorkSafe was born from leading industry experts in mass data handling and tracking solutions. We have the experience to implement and monitor the system effectively without causing distraction or disruption to the workforce


WorkSafe. Work on


– Protects your workspace

– Ensures regulation compliance

– Reduces financial risk

– Keeps your organisation working

Keeping your business operating during Covid-19

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We cannot guarantee as businesses that we can control the Coronavirus, but what we can control is how our employees follow the regulations and how to minimise the impact on our businesses when positive cases are found within our workforce. Don’t let Covid-19 shut down your business operations, keep your employees working safely using our WorkSafe system, designed to help businesses take control of Covid-19 management within the workplace.

WorkSafe. Work on.


You know your Coronavirus measures are in place and trust your employees to follow them, but what happens when you are working with contractors and other companies within your business premises?

How can you ensure your policies and government regulations are adhered to? 

How can you certify you are operating responsibly and without liability for any workplace outbreaks of Covid-19? 

WorkSafe is our solution to a work place track and trace system. Using the latest technology we go further than the government’s national track and trace system to tell you when an employee comes within 2 metres of another person and where on your premises it occurred. It allows you to monitor and locate infringements, train employees, and in cases of a positive test, remove affected personnel. It also provides the capacity for you to ensure third party compliance on your premises, removing liability.


WorkSafe. Work on.  – Keeping your business operating during Covid-19.

Keeping your business operating during Covid-19

WorkSafe is our solutionto your business concerns


That new work project is progressing well, until one of your employees tests positive for Covid. Now you have to stop work. You have to get everyone tested. You have to get the entire workplace professionally cleaned. You have to accept losing money. But what if you didn’t have to?

What if you already knew exactly who had been within 2 metres of that employee. What if you knew where they have been in the workplace? What if you knew at what time on what day they were at work? What if you could safely remove the affected employee, test just those at risk, clean the affected areas and continue with work. What if you could continue making money?

WorkSafe is our solution to your business track and trace concerns. Know where social distancing breaches are occurring, which employees are infringing on the regulations, where employees have worked and within what teams. Ready to know more? 

WorkSafe, Work on. When Covid stops 1 employee, don’t let it stop them all.

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